Hearst Free Library

Anaconda, Montana

Library Staff and Board of Trustees

The staff of the Hearst Free Library is a small, but fiercely loyal, band of library lovers. We are here to serve you! If you have a question about a book or magazine article's availability, please ask. If you want to know what tax forms are available at the library, please ask. No question is unanswerable. The library staff will help you in the most cheerful way possible.

Library Board

The Board of Trustees of the Hearst Free Library freely provides their expertise, input and insight for the library's direction. They are the voice of the community, and as such, they make sure the library is always on the right track, providing the best possible service available. The Board of Trustees provides guidance in the policy-making and fiscal management activities of the library. The day-to-day operations are overseen by the Library's staff.

Friends of the Hearst Free Library

As an affiliate of the Anaconda Community Foundation, The Friends of the Hearst Free Library strive to continue to make the Library the best public library in Southwest Montana. The Friends' ongoing mission is to provide the library with large ticket wish-list items that cannot be funded through the library's operations budget. The Friends have supported the library's very successful Summer Reading Program for the last three years and they have purchased copiers, book trucks, movie licenses, and stackable chairs. Their support is generous and indispensable.

The Friends of the Hearst Free Library is able to provide for the Library's non-operational needs by putting on a series of very successful fundraising events each year. These events include the Chocolate, Wine and Cheese party, held every year the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day. They also host the Reading the Greens Golf Scramble held at Anaconda Country Club each September. In addition, there are various fundraisers and fun activities held throughout the year by the Friends of the Library.

The Friends meet on the first Monday of every month at 5p.m. If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Library, or just helping out, please contact the library for details.

Anaconda Adult Learning Center

A free program, the Anaconda Adult Learning Center offers adults and out of school youth a chance to get themselves prepared to take the GED exam, brush up on basic skills, prepare a resume, etc. The program is funded through a Montana Office of Public Instruction grant, and as such, students must meet certain requirements before they can become a part of the program. Please contact the library for more information.

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