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Educational Services

Education and access to information is central in creating a thriving community. From Adult Education to online readiness tools, the Library can point you in the right direction for your educational needs. 


Learn Math, Writing, Soft Skills, and More. A free program, the Anaconda Adult Learning Center offers adults and out of school youth a chance to get themselves prepared to take the GED exam, brush up on basic skills, prepare a resume, etc. The program is funded through a Montana Office of Public Instruction grant, and as such, students must meet certain requirements before they can become a part of the program. 

Call 560-3567 for more information.

Education Services


A Math and Reading readiness tool for all Montanans. EdReady Montana is a free, online, customized math readiness and learning path tool base on each user's individualized needs.

Tutoring Services


The Client Resource Center is a site for teachers or administrators with a variety of resources to assist with training, promotion, and demonstration of the Homework MT product. Contact your librarian for login information.

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